Did anyone else watch the premiere of ABC’s newest dramatic offering on Sunday nights?

I’ve been looking for new TV shows to watch this year, and preferably ones that debut this September. This show was one of two that interested me enough to give it a go.

The premise of the show is about an upscale, New York City apartment complex, where the residents seem to be locked in deals with the manager of the building. Whether the manager is Satan himself or playing the devil’s advocate has yet to be determined, Terry O’Quinn (The Stepfather, Lost) does a great job of keeping his character consistently creepy.

For starters, the pilot does a good job of cramming a lot of plot elements in fourty-five minutes… but that’s also what I disliked about the episode. There are so many scenes that add context I doubt will be picked up in later episodes. Too many of the horror setups throughout the hour lacked imagination.

The problem with this show is that it wants to be creepy and scary, and gives us all the ingredients to be scared, but it plays out all flash and no substance. If the show catered more to its influences, such as Stephen King or American Horror Story, and wasn’t plagued by the pacing of a bad Pretty Little Liars episode, I would have been thrilled. However, there are enough things about the show done right (I particularly like the female lead, and the ending of the episode) that I will return for a second episode.



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