Album cover for Zedd’s debut studio album

What I knew about Zedd prior to listening to his debut LP was that he did a great job remixing songs from The Black Eyed Peas and Lady GaGa. When I looked up more about him, I learned that he is only just starting his career. It’s surprising to me that Clarity is as good as it really is. The album is slick, with Daft-Punk esque updates (Stache) and stadium stompers (Clarity). The best songs on this album are the ones with minimal vocals. I wasn’t totally thrilled with tracks like Fall Into The Sky and Lost At Sea. The first half of Clarity proves that Zedd is not short on imagination and creativity, even if he is on experience. Overall, this record could easily be considered his magnum opus. I look forward to future albums.

Clarity is an album that reinforces why I love house and electro music. It’s loud and makes for great party music. The album flows well and provides enough substance for repeated listenings.



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